There are a variety of energy compliance forms that you could need depending on what type of project you are doing. Most commonly you’ll need a CF1R, a CF2R and a CF3R.

The CF1R is the who/what/where document that initiates the project. There are a number of different docs depending on what type of project you are doing.

CF2R MCH-01 is a document every HVAC contractor needs to be have and be able to complete fully online in the registry. It is the who, what, where,how document  from the HVAC contractor documenting the project. You may want to print it and be able to fill out the entire thing. For registration purposes you’ll fill this out online within the registry.  Click here to view or download the form.

The CF3R is the CEC document that the HERS Rater creates after testing the house and only after the HVAC contractor has completed the CF2R. This is the document the building department will need to have in order to pass your project. Click here to view or download the form. 

Duct Leakage Diagnostic Test form, CF3R-MCH-20-H. Click here to download

Quality Insulation Installation, (QII) Framing Stage Form, QII: . Click here to download.

Quality Insulation Installation, (QII) Installation Stage. Click here to download.

Indoor Air Quality and Mechanical Ventilation form, CF3R MCH-27-H. Click here to download

Refrigerant Charge Verification Form, CF3R-MCH-25-H. Click here to download

Refrigerant Charge-Winter Set Up Form, CF3R-MCH-25. Click here to download

Return Duct And Filter Grill Design, CF3R-MCH-28-H. Click here to download

Building Air Leakage Worksheet-Multipoint, CF3R-MCH-24-H. Click here to download

These are just a few of the many forms you might need. Click here to view all of the forms.

CALGreen Mandatory Measures Checklist for New Residential Structures. There are many CalGreenchecklists out there. This one from the City of Berkeley condenses it into well edited form that mere mortals without unlimited time can comprehend and follow.