BECT performs load calculations and residential duct design. Load calculations and duct design are required for every job as per section 4.507.2 of the CALGreen Residential Mandatory Measures Checklist. BECT also uses the gold standard of load calculation and duct design software, Wrightsoft Universal.


In order to adequately calculate the correct amount of air flow, in relation to your HVAC system, you need to perform a load calculation. Rather than guessing the size a system should be with square footage use BECT to correctly size your system using appropriate software to reduce the cost, reduce call backs and reduce time spent testing and re testing the system. The load calculation determines the system sizing and the duct design determines the layout of your duct system so that is compatible to your HVAC system and the home, optimizing its efficiency. Without a load calculation, there is a high chance that your calculations were incorrect and your house will be less comfortable and have higher operating costs (it just won’t work as well).¬†

Since starting BECT I have worked with hundreds of contractors and have tested thousands of systems. What I find over and over are systems that are 1,2,3 even 6 times larger than they needed to be! Give BECT a call and lets work together on your new HVAC project to get your properly designed and properly sized.

Of all the bay area cities, only Palo Alto, Los Altos, Burlingame, Berkeley, Novato and San Rafael actually require load calculations and duct design before allowing and HVAC contractor to install a system. When you design it prior to an HVAC contractor installing it, you get a system that is actually designed and moves the right amount of air to every room in the house.

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