A Green Point Rating through Build It Green is required by many Bay Area Cities and Counties when doing construction projects such as additions, remodels or new construction. Bay area cities have a wide variety of requirements in the green area. You’ll need to check your City’s specific requirements.

BECT performs Green Point Ratings on multifamily, single family home and larger additions.

The green point process centers around a data collection form that documents “green” building measures such as energy, carbon, water, resource efficiency, community design, durability, human health and forest/global environmental health measures and alotts points to each catagory. More points prove you have built a more sustainable building.

Energy is a key driver of points in a GPR. We can help you plan for a comprehensive list of measures that will, in concert, drive down your cost of heating, cooling, lighting and powering the home.

Health measures documented on the Green Point Rating are interior air quality points such as those gained by reducing VOCs,( volatile organic compounds) and formaldehyde from the interior of the home.  Cabinets, carpet, plywood, trim, paint and adhesives and other construction materials all have varying amounts of these air contaminants. We document company certifications of their projects so you can minimize indoor air pollution for your family.

The Green Point Rating also gives points for Cal Green. Cal Green condenses the green parts of the California building code into one place. These are where jobsite recycling and landfill reduction are documented and given points.

We perform both residential and multifamily green point ratings.