Infrared Image Gallery

Here’s a group of fairly typical infrared images that can show you that what might seem like a well insulated house actually has many areas that are not that well insulated. In the images, the warmer colors such as red, orange and yellow are warm, whereas the darker colors like blue, purple and black are cold so you can see the gradients in temperature. IR images are an outstanding way to visualize the heat flowing through a building’s walls, floor and ceiling.

There are a wide variety of non-energy uses for infrared images. Leaks are often difficult to find; however, with the infrared imager we can find the source of the leak rather than just where the water is showing up visually. Electrical problems can be found by doing an infrared scan of a circuit breaker box. Often times a quick look at a circuit breaker box in IR will show circuits that are very hot and should be modified to reduce current. In an engine or motor one can sometimes see overheated barrings that are lacking lubrication or are on their way to failure.

One can also see framing members as well as individual fasteners with IR. This gives one the ability to know what is inside of the wall without opening it up.