Haight-Ashbury Energy Checkup

A walk through of a very old home in the Haight-Ashbury district and an explanation of the home energy retrofits.

QII, Quality Insulation Installation

How to insulate buildings to the QII, quality insulation installation, standard. Demonstrating the two step process of air sealing a building and properly installing insulation so that it receives the full value as per manufacturer’s specifications.

BECT Cool Roof Upgrade

Being more energy efficient can be as simple as painting your roof white! Cool roofs have many benefits not only to you but to the community as a whole.

Blower Door: Tool to Air Seal Homes

Using the blower door as a tool to air-seal a building.

Chico: Vote YES on Energy Upgrade at Substantial Remodel

Infrared camera imaging of hot and cool roofs. Description of energy measures best done at remodel when house is open and work is being done. Description of radiant barriers, insulation, home air sealing and proper equipment sizing after upgrades have been done. Energy measures lower costs for home owners and dollars stay in local economy where each dollar yields $2.22 in direct and induced economic activity – that makes this a local economic improvement program.

Green Point Rating - BECT

Work with BECT on your new Green Point Rating.

Things Our Clients Said Today

A short video capturing some of our clients feelings about HVAC.

CalGreen 2016 Non Res

Brief explanation of the requirements of California’s green building code for non residential projects.

CalGreen for Homes 2016

An overview of Cal Green 2016 for homes.

Energy/Fire Update

Fire and energy code update. The 2016 energy code now requires exterior insulation on new buildings. Mineral wool insulation is an excellent choice for both interior and exterior insulation as it is sound deadening insulative and fire resistant. It is also very easy to work, unlike fiberglass insulation. We recommend you use mineral insulation to make your current building project more fire resistant and just better in regards to insulation.

BECT duct sealing video

Duct Sealing for Compliance with the 2013 California Building Energy Code.

Become a Superstar HVAC Contractor

This video describes how to work with BECT to create custom sized HVAC systems and ducts for optimal comfort and energy efficiency. As well as improved systems, elimination of call backs, and greater profits.

BECT Load Calculations & Duct Design

Why you should have load calculations and duct design with BECT using Wrighsoft Universal software to avoid failure, discomfort, and high energy bills.

Combustion Safety Test

BPI style combustion safety test measuring flow and carbon monoxide. Worst case pressure test.

AC Refrigerant Charge Verification

Air conditioner refrigerant charge verification. Air conditioner summer tuneup. Refrigerant charge verification for HERS title 24 compliance explained.

HERS Project Registration

Registration of HERS projects within California’s Title 24 energy code.

IAQ Test - San Francisco Bay Area

CA code required interior air quality test. Re: ASHRAE 62.2 Test. Eliminating mold via bathroom ventilation.

HERS Blower Door Test - San Francisco Bay Area

Blower door test and explanation of common air sealing techniques in the home. Building performance.

Bect Total Airflow Testing

Total Airflow Test. CF3R-MCH-23-H, HERS Test, HVAC, Home Performance